Second Hand Toyota Innova - Dependable Car and Price Trend

Toyota Innova is the third most sold car in the 2nd hand car market but i is the number one in its class of compact MPV. Toyota Innova has been in the market for quite some time already and it has an impression of a very dependable car. May it be for a whole family or for a bunch of friends, with its spacious cabin and strong engine, you can really depend on this car to take you where you want to go. Fortunately, its 2nd hand price statistics are also dependable throughout the years, let's what we mean about that 

Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova [Photo Credit: Nathanferdinand]

The image below is the price of the 2nd hand Innova in the 2nd hand market As expected, the price of the Toyota Innova is dependably going down as the age of the car goes higher. There is a statistical term that measures the relationship between two factors and this is called correlation. The correlation can have values ranging from -1 to +1. The correlation of the price of the Toyota Innova to its age is -0.985. This highly negative correlation coincides with our intuition and the price graph below that the price of the Toyota Innova is going down as the age of the car goes up.

Second Hand Toyota Innova Price Trend

Another interesting to look at for the Toyota Innova is the number of cars on the market according to the year it was bought. We have that graph shown below. We can easily notice that there is a similar number of cars that are spread throughout the years. This means that even the old car for Toyota Innova can still be sold and still be attractive to the market. This is because most of the sellers bring down the price to an acceptable value. To know this acceptable value, our car value calculator made use of the data in these graphs and the correlation of the price and age to tell you the acceptable price. This should give you more confidence to sell your car at that price because other people are selling at that price as well.

Toyota Innova On Sale by Year

We were also curious if there are more Toyota Innova on sale that has an automatic transmission or manual transmission. We graph this data in the figure below and it turns out that there is almost an equal number of Toyota Innova that has an automatic and manual transmission.

Toyota Innova Automatic VS Manual

Because of these data, we really think that the Toyota Price statistics are very dependable. If you want to buy a relatively new Toyota Innova model, you have to pay for a bit higher price. The same goes with an older model, you will enjoy a cheaper price. You will also not have a hard problem finding Toyota Innova that is on sale for different age of the car, they are abundant in the market. You can also readily pick if you like a manual transmission o an automatic transmission. You can rest your mind easily with this car model.

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Daisy May 1, 2020, 4:59 p.m.

Thank you for the analysis! Sana madami pa po.

Ren May 1, 2020, 6:15 p.m.

I had once before and indeed, it was very dependable mpv. I sold it exactly at the price shown in your graph (red line). I am somewhat relieved because I thought I sold it for very low price.
Nice guide. Keep it up.

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