Second Hand Car Honda Civic - Looks Equals the Price

The Honda Civic is the second part of our series of digging deep on the data of our Top 10 2nd hand cars in the Philippines. Honda Civic happens to be the 2nd place as well in our ranking  Unlike our top car, Toyota Vios, which we considered as every man's car, Honda Civic has been perceived as a notch higher than the Toyota Vios in terms of its classiness and consequently, its price is a bit higher as well. Let's see the difference in the behavior of the data when the car is a bit higher in class 

First, we'd like to check the price trend for the Honda Civic the graph for this is shown below. We showed here the price trend of the Hond Civic from 2011 when they released the ninth generation of the Honda Civic up to the recent year. We'd like to start there because the generation of this model affects the resale value of this car. 

Second Hand Honda Civic Price Trend

From 2011 up to 2014, there is a weird correlation between the age of the care to its average resale price. It could mean that the market treats the ninth-generation Honda Civic model as having the same re-sale price from 2011 to 2015 which is when the model is out in the market 

But when the tenth generation came in 2015, we think that this is a major facelift to the Honda Civic car model. It was slick and very sporty. We can also see that the resale price of this tenth generation Honda Civic model has started to increase with a steep slope. 

Unlike the Toyota Vios, there is a massive change in the look of the Honda Civic from the last two decades. You can see below the Honda Civic from the early 2000s and the very sporty Honda Civic car from recent years 

Honda Civic Old

2002 Honda Civic [Photo Credit: Alex Neman]

Honda Civic Old

2002 Honda Civic [Photo Credit: Rutger van der Maar]

If we look at the Honda Cars on the 2nd hand market according to the age of the car starting from about two decades ago, we can see that bulk of the cars being sold in the market are almost a decade old. The Honda Civic car owners are mostly keeping their cars for themselves, unlike the Toyota Vios where people are starting to sell their car within the 5 years. 

Second Hand Honda Civic Price Trend VS Years

Another interesting characteristic of the Honda Civic cars on sale in the 2nd hand market is that the models mostly have Automatic Transmission. Below is the graph of the 2nd Hand Honda Civic model according to its transmission. The amount of Honda Civic that has automatic transmission is more than double the Honda Civic with manual transmission. Compared that to the Toyota Vios where there are a similar number of cars that has automatic and manual transmission type.

Second Hand Honda Civic Transmission Type
With these data, we saw some unique characteristics of the Honda Civic that sets it apart from an everyday car like Toyota Vios. First is that this car model has put more effort into doing major facelift to the look of its car. Second is that the car owners of this model are more clingy to the Honda Civic that they bought. The last one would be, as we expect for a more pricy model car, most of these are using an automatic transmission. 

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